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DataWorks Plus provides hardware and software systems and support for a wide range of identification, biometric recognition, security, and data capturing services. We develop and build cutting edge software and hardware for agencies nationwide and around the world. At DataWorks Plus we are dedicated to providing affordable, top of the line products to improve the productivity, efficiency, and the safety of officers and other agency staff.

Mobile Biometric Identification has Evolved...

Evolution is a handheld smartphone device designed to capture single fingerprints and photos wherever needed. Evolution uses Rapid ID fingerprint identification and Facial Recognition software to quickly identify engaged persons.

Handheld Evolutions
  • Handheld multi-modal biometric identification device
  • Lightweight smartphone design with rugged enclosure
  • FBI FAP-30 Certified fingerprint scanner
  • Supports fingerprint and photo capture for rapid identification
  • 4G LTE Internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and phone call capable

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LiveScan Plus System

Mugshot and fingerprint booking livescan software and a durable hardware cabinet to safely and securely capture biometric data. Available together or separarately.

LiveScan Plus System
  • Capture, store, and retrieve all primary biometrics including face, fingerprints, and palm prints
  • Fully customizable software application
  • Application is available as desktop or web-based
  • Ruggedized cabinet with locking wheels for stabilty and safety
  • Electrical height-adjustable cabinet option to fit all users
  • Optional iris and facial cameras

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Digital CrimeScene

Securely store and manage crime scene photos, data, and workflow.

Digital CrimeScene Screenshot
  • Securely store forensic data, images, videos, photos, reports, documents, drawings, and narratives
  • Scalable to handle millions of images
  • Original images can never be altered to ensure data integrity
  • Administrators can view all user activity
  • Mobile app is available for IOS and Android

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