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Multimodal Biometric Identification


Mobile Biometric Identification has Evolved...

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Evolution for Mobile Fingerprint Scanning and Facial Recognition

The Evolution collection of devices is comprised of all-in-one tablets, handheld smartphone devices, as well as separate RAPID-ID devices connected to MDTs via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Evolutions incorporate the latest technologies in multimodal biometric identification, including a patented light-emitting sensor with large fingerprint capture area. Evolution provides multimodal biometric identification by capturing fingerprints and/or irises and photos (for facial recognition), submitting to State or Federal databases, then returning results.


Evolution 3: FAP 30, Handheld Smartphone Device to Capture Single Fingerprints and Photos

Evolution 3 provides fast, mobile fingerprint identification or facial recognition investigative leads in a lightweight, industrial smartphone design. It is equipped with industry-standard wireless communication methods, including call capability, 4G LTE Internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities. If preferred, cellular/Wi-Fi may be disabled, allowing it to be paired to an MDC/MDT, using Bluetooth. Evolution provides unmatched flexibility and functionality at an exceptionally affordable price.


Evolution 5150i – FAP 50, Integrated Tablet to Capture Tenprints Rolls, Photos and Irises

Evolution 5150i is tablet-based with an integrated tenprint scanner that can capture rolled and flat fingerprints, along with facial images, irises (optional), and descriptor data. It includes an industrial grade polycarbonate/rubber case, Wi-Fi and cellular communication capabilities and built-in GPS. The LES fingerprint scanner is FBI PIV certified FAP-50 and provides accurate high-resolution scans in virtually any environment, including indirect or direct sunlight. The Evolution 5150 is a portable “all-in-one” solution that allows officers to capture data, photos, and tenprints in the field for mobile booking or “catch and release” applications. Evolution 5150 can also provide multimodal biometric identification by capturing fingerprints, photos (for facial recognition), and/or iris, then returning results.


See our RAPID-ID and FACE Plus product pages for more information on these biometric applications.


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Evolution is based on Galaxy Android smartphone technology. The industrial hard case protects the fingerprint sensor and smartphone during daily use in law enforcement environments. Evolution is an all-in-one device with no need for an additional workstation, AirCard, or peripheral hardware. The smartphone is capable of cellular calling and 4G LTE internet connectivity. It is compatible with leading cellular service providers, such as Verizon or AT&T. Capture Data, Photos and Tenprints in the Field with Evolution 5150 and DataWorks Plus’ LiveScan Plus Evolution is available in a variety of colors including single and duo-tone options.