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Organization Location Representative Dates
LA IAI 72nd Annual Education Conference Baton Rouge, LA

Randy Hall

June 19-21
MACP 2017 Summer Professional Development Conference Bellaire, MI

Randy Hall

Becky Houston
June 25-28
65th Annual FPCA Summer Training Conference & Expo Miami, FL

Rick Johnson

July 8-10
2017 FL CJIS 30th Annual Training Symposium Jacksonville, FL

Rick Johnson

Becky Houston
July 17-19
2017 PCPA Annual Education & Training Conference Harrisburg, PA

Bill Michael

July 23-24
IAI 102nd International Educational Conference Atlanta, GA

Rick Johnson

Becky Houston
August 6-9
2017 SC CJIS Conference Columbia, SC Rick Johnson Sept. 18-20
ROCIC 26th Annual Homicide Conference Biloxi, MS Becky Houston Sept. 17-20

DataWorks Plus' Annual InterConnect Conference

October 9 - 12, 2017

Embassy Suites

Nashville, TN

2017 FDIAI Training Conference Panama City Beach, FL

Rick Johnson

Becky Houston

Oct. 22-26


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