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Rapidly detect faces in live video surveillance monitoring for facial recognition against a mugshot or watch list database


DataWorks Plus has worked with leading facial biometric identification providers to develop a fast, reliable, and fully customized facial recognition system for live video surveillance monitoring. The system can be used in a permanent setup or in a mobile application. FACE Watch Plus' real time screening (RTS) uses facial searching algorithms to detect faces in surveillance footage in real-time. A rapid search is automatically performed of your agency’s mugshot or watch list database for investigative leads. The system immediately provides detailed alerts to authorized users whenever a potential match is found on an individual of special concern, and all results are time-stamped so that they can be reviewed by administrators.



Continuous Screening & Monitoring

FACE Watch Plus provides continuous screening and monitoring of live video streams. Probes extracted from video frames are used to screen the database for potential matches. When a potential match is found, users are able to view the probe image from the video at the same time as the potential candidate. Agencies can customize what data is available for the candidate image from the watch list database. The individual's name, image, any any data from the booking record can also be viewed. This gives agencies using our system great versatility in how data from alerts is presented to the user. It not only declares that a potential candidate has been found for further investigation, but gives the user all of the information necessary to make a fully informed decision immediately.


Watch list Applications

Your agency can create a watch list database that includes images and information about persons of interest or wanted individuals.  Records can be added manually, or added from an existing database.  Real-time facial recognition searches can be run against this database. Your agency can also choose to set up e-mail notifications to notify specific individuals of potential candidate matches that occur in the system.


As images are captured by the surveillance camera(s), the system will automatically search for potential candidates against the watch list database.  If a facial match score exceeds a system-defined threshold, then a candidate result will be returned. If there are multiple cameras, then an alert will be displayed under the camera in the FACE Watch Plus application. All potential matches with their associated images and data can be reviewed. Candidate results can be sorted and organized for easier viewing. Notes can also be added to any of the results.



rts camerasFACE Watch Plus' RTS Cameras

FACE Watch Plus' RTS cameras can be provided for permanent installation as well as for mobile applications. Permanent installations are generally used for RTS in places in or around buildings, stop lights, common walk areas, etc. Mobile applications are often used at large outdoor events such as festivals, concerts, and races.


Our mobile application provides a rugged case to house all of the components needed for installation. It includes 2 cameras, a pole with pole stand, POE switch, and 2 Terabyte DVR.





Screen Examples (Click on image to view):

All hits from the Real Time Search will be displayed with a time stamp. The match score, video screen images, and camera information will be displayed. The current live video frame will also be displayed.Probe images can be viewed at the same time as the match. The live camera feed image will also be displayed at the top of the screen. The record data for the image is available by selecting it above the images.  Multiple cameras can be used simultaneously. Hit will be displayed beneath the live video feed if a match has occurred. The hits can be viewed for each camera by clicking on the camera image.Record data can be viewed for any matches. This record information is customizeable by your agency.