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Capture, store, and retrieve all primary biometrics including fingerprints and palm prints


A New Approach to Fingerprint Archives

Fingerprinting technology has come a long way since the days of using ink and paper. Now there are dozens of live scan vendors that have developed cutting edge biometric systems to capture fingerprints electronically. DataWorks Plus has collaborated with several law enforcement and criminal justice agencies to determine what is desired in an ideal live scan system. Every agency is different, and the system best suited for high volume criminal fingerprinting in a large detention facility would not likely be the best option for a small police department that only captures applicant fingerprints. DataWorks Plus has developed LiveScan Plus based upon our collaboration with our customers. The system was designed to be customizable to meet specific needs and guidelines for multiple types and sizes of agencies.


The LiveScan Plus application is fully customizable and is compatible with many of the major live scan vendors’ fingerprinting hardware. The system integrates all elements of booking from demographic data entry, fingerprint capture and submission, SMT data and images, signature capture, and mugshot capture into a single easy-to-use interface.


The Value of Customization

DataWorks Plus firmly believes that an agency should never have to pay for something it does not need or want. Typical live scan systems come as a “package deal” where in order to obtain the system, you must purchase specified hardware, software, and accessories that accompany it which forces your agency to adapt to the configuration of the system. Every demographic data field within LiveScan Plus is customizable and can be configured and arranged on the screen to match the layout of your existing agency documents and comply with state and agency policies. The LiveScan Plus Administration Module allows your administrators to make changes to the data fields and system setup at any time, even after installation is complete.


Since LiveScan Plus is not bound to a specific type of hardware, your agency will have a high level of freedom in how your system is configured. Our engineers have a firm understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of all major fingerprint scanners and they will work with your agency to recommend the best possible hardware for the job.


Streamlined User Interface

Even the best fingerprint scanners on the market will not help your agency if your software interface is too difficult to understand and use. LiveScan Plus sets a new standard for ease of operation and graphical presentation. It clearly instructs the users where they are in the fingerprint capture process, what has been successfully completed, and what should be done next. Fingerprints are color-coded for quality assurance, allowing users to immediately see the quality of their images. If the prints do not meet the quality standards set by your agency, then the print can be easily retaken. Data fields can also be configured with validation tools to ensure that the user has entered the proper type of data required and has filled in all mandatory information before progressing. This easy-to-understand interface will not only dramatically increase your agency’s productivity in booking, but will minimize errors made in the process.


Expanded Functionality

With a live scan system, fingerprint capture is only the beginning. Agencies must also decide the following:

  • how the fingerprint cards are going to be stored,
  • whether mugshot capture will be a separate process or be integrated with the fingerprinting system,
  • if there is a need for the system to generate ID cards and armbands, and
  • if the fingerprint database can also be used as an identification verification tool.

Each of these issues has been taken into consideration when designing LiveScan Plus, which is why we developed it to be integrated with any of the following applications:


LiveScan Plus stationNIST Manager Plus: Whether citing government legislation or simple peace of mind as the reason, many agencies will print and manually file backup hard copies of some or all fingerprint cards created by their live scans. These same fingerprint print cards must also be manually shipped to other parties that need to view the fingerprints for investigative purposes. This process has creates a large amount of printing costs, consumes extra office space, and generates a vast amount of clerical work with card organization. DataWorks Plus designed NIST Manager Plus to allow your agency to keep a copy of each fingerprint record in a secure electronic format. Our NistWorks web client makes the fingerprints easily accessible to any workstation on your network. Using this electronic fingerprint storage will generally show an agency’s return on investment in less than one year’s time from avoided printing costs alone. NIST Manager Plus is a system that truly pays for itself.


Digital PhotoManager: For many agencies, mugshot capture and fingerprinting are performed at the same time and place, and often by the same person. Yet several of these systems may be completely independent of each other and even when both processes are interfaced under a record management system, there tends to be unnecessary work in the booking process due to the systems’ conflicting formats. Some users will even have to enter the same information multiple times. When DataWorks Plus’ Digital PhotoManager is combined with LiveScan Plus, fingerprinting and mugshot capture are seamlessly integrated into the same interface. Users can instantly switch from capturing fingerprints to taking mugshots at the click of a mouse. Once all booking data has been obtained, the data is automatically saved to all relevant databases which can include a state AFIS, a regional data repository, or your agency’s own record management systems through DataWorks Plus’ interfacing services.


SAF-ID/RAPID-ID & Evolution: Once your agency has invested in an electronic fingerprint database, that database can serve as very powerful identification verification tool for you. DataWorks Plus’ SAF-ID application harnesses this ability using the databases built by LiveScan Plus and NIST Manager Plus. It is an extremely fast and accurate software solution that uses advanced fingerprint matching techniques to provide positive identification or verification of an individual. This allows an officer to scan a person’s finger on any compatible fingerprint scanner and search a fingerprint database for a positive match. The compatible devices range from USB scanners to wireless devices or all-in-one mobile devices. This gives SAF-ID a large amount of usability for both fixed locations and mobile applications. Whether the agency needs to search for a few hundred matches per second or hundreds of thousands of matches per second, the system is scalable to meet system performance requirements for any size agency.


Evolution is DataWorks Plus' branded mobile fingerprint scanner that can be used in the field. Its long battery life, industrial plastic case, and integrated FAP-30 FBI certified fingerprint sensor and smartphone make it the perfect handheld terminal with fingerprint device for Law Enforcement agencies. The bluetooth device works with the smart phone over Wi-Fi and Verizon & AT&T cellular networks to provide quick fingerprint identification.


LiveScan Plus features a Live Image Preview Panel which displays the print as it is being captured. This workflow status pane shows the user which of the fingerprints have been taken and if there are any errors or quality warnings.  The fingerprint quality will also be shown in color-coded hand images. Status messages will be displayed during the capture process below the Live Image Preview Panel.LiveScan Plus seamlessly integrates the mugshot capture process with the fingerprint capture process. Mugshots, scars, marks, tattoos, and signatures can all be added to the record.The Review Panel will be displayed once all the fingerprints have been captured. Each print can be viewed at original size and will be color code according to the quality of the print.