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DataWorks Plus - InterConnect Demos

Demonstrations of the latest technology and DataWorks Plus' products will be available throughout the conference in the demonstration room. Attendees can work with products and interact directly with DataWorks Plus' Sales and Development staff.

Demo Room

Mobile Fingerprint ID

See the latest in mobile biometrics using SAF-ID (RAPID-ID), email facial recognition, and the newest mobile devices. SAF-ID is an extremely fast and accurate software solution that uses advanced fingerprint matching techniques to provide positive identification of an individual. This solution allows an officer to scan a person’s finger on a portable scanning device and search a database for a positive match. This is beneficial and useful wherever positive ID may be required, such as: in the field, at an evacuation shelter, in the court room, or in the jail. SAF-ID is mobile, so you can take it with you anywhere that positive identification is needed.

FACE Watch Plus

Learn how you can rapidly detect faces in live video surveillance monitoring for facial recognition against a mugshot or watch list database using FACE Watch Plus. FACE Watch Plus can be used in a permanent location or in a mobile environment at events such as festivals or concerts. The system can be used with your agency's watch list for real-time facial matching.


VideoManager Plus

VideoManager Plus securely stores and manages video evidence from body-worn cameras, video surveillance cameras, CCTV, interrogations, etc. Investigators can build a complete case in VideoManager Plus whcih can be used to add notes, grab video frames, enhance videos, telestrate, take screen shots, and bookmark key points for the case. VideoManager Plus will create a case time line and all evidence and notes can be saved together as an Evidence Package.


The integrated video interface allows you to quickly view and navigate case videos with easy navigation between case videos, multiple video sync, and advanced frame-by-frame viewing. Also, copies of the original video can be enhanced and analyzed and saved alongside the original video.


Biometric Identification

In addition to mobile fingerprint ID, see the future of biometric identification, including iris recognition, voice recognition, and facial recognition.

Tattoo Recognition

Tattoo Recognition is a module to Digital PhotoManager that will search the system for similar tattoos based on a tattoo image you select. This system is already in use by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Tattoo Recognition is useful for finding a suspect based upon a photo of a tattoo or even for finding members of a gang with similar tattoos.

LiveScan Plus

The LiveScan Plus application is fully customizable and is compatible with many of the major live scan vendors’ fingerprinting hardware.  The system integrates all elements of booking from demographic data entry, fingerprint capture and submission, SMT data and images, signature capture, and mugshot capture into a single easy-to-use interface.

NIST Manager Plus

NIST Manager Plus is a powerful and simple fingerprint archive and retrieval system designed to meet your agency's fingerprinting needs. No longer just store and view your ID records, but fully manage them with capabilities such as archive, search, view, edit, print, e-mail, and more. The optional browser makes it simple for authorized users in your agency to have access to records, data, and images.

Digital CrimeScene

Digital CrimeScene offers search and retrieve capabilities, including the fastest image retrieval and display possible. Rely on secure storage of forensic data, images, photos, reports, documents, drawings, and narratives for each case. All original photos are protected from any alteration, preventing any courtroom challenges towards image authenticity.