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InterConnect Committee

The InterConnect Committee Members are responsible for working with DataWorks Plus to organize the annual users' conference. The committee roles and their responsibilities are below.

  • President: Shall have the lead duties of directing focus of the overall conference and venues provided.   Shall work with designee of DataWorks Plus to coordinate conference events, agenda, dates, times, etc. Term of President shall be one year.
  • Vice Presidents: Shall support President.  After two years as VP, shall inherit the office of President.  Shall be responsible for assisting in gathering users to the conference, assist in location planning, and working directly with host hotel.  Shall be responsible for implementing General Session Schedule.
  • Product Chairs: Shall be responsible for communicating the User Group’s suggestions for product improvement, enhancement, and bug fixes to a DataWorks Plus designee. Shall share product success stories from the User Group to help DataWorks Plus know how the product can be used in multiple applications with a focus of improving the product and develop new technology.
  • Secretary: Shall be responsible for acting as a secretary and documenting outcomes of meetings and decisions and reporting both to InterConnect officers and DataWorks Plus designee.  Term shall be for one year.

2018 InterConnect Committee

The members of the InterConnect Committee responsible for this year's conference are listed below.



Bruce Wiley, Criminal Investigator - Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office (CA)


Bruce Marten Wiley has over 31 years in Law Enforcement and Criminal Investigations. Beginning as a police officer for the city of San Jose, CA. and retiring as a Sergeant after more than 29 years in 2009, he has worked in the field of crime scene investigations for much of his career. From investigating theft, robbery, and burglary cases as a patrol officer, he developed the department’s first specialized evidence units for patrol. These specially trained officers handled major crime scenes and serious vehicle accidents. It is likely that his background in photography was one of the reasons he was selected to work as a Homicide/Crime Scene Investigator, and was later made the Sergeant in charge of the Unit. He spent more than a decade riding the crest of developments in this field: DNA, digital imaging, forensic light sources, RUVIS, etc.


He has led investigations ranging from sex crimes and thefts, to robbery and multiple murders. He was the principle instructor for Crime Scene Investigation at Evergreen Valley College and for the San Jose Police Academy. As a lead instructor of the statewide Field Evidence Technician course, he has taught for agencies throughout the western US. He has provided advanced training courses to Law Enforcement agencies from Washington DC to Juneau, Alaska. He is often called as an expert witness in the areas of Crime Scene Investigation, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Wound Identification, Photography, and Crime Scene Reconstruction. In his current assignment as a Criminal Investigator for the Santa Clara County District Attorney, he continues to work on new and ‘cold’ cases for agencies throughout Northern California.



East Coast Vice President

PresidentMelissa Southern, Forensic Photographer - Wake CCBI (NC)


Melissa Southern has been the Forensic Photographer for the Raleigh/Wake City-County Bureau of Identification in Raleigh, NC since June 2004. Her primary duties include training crime scene agents in the use of their camera equipment; maintaining the camera equipment; receiving, tracking, and maintaining the integrity of all photographs and videos that the crime scene agents take at crime scenes; acting as the database administrator for Dataworks Plus Digital Crime Scene; responding to crime scenes to provide advanced photographic services; providing the photographs and videos to other law enforcement agencies and to the District Attorney’s Office; creating court display for the District Attorney’s Office;  performing the duties of the Evidence Technician in Evidence Receiving as necessary, and providing video processing and facial recognition and comparison services to law enforcement.

Melissa was the first International Association for Identification Certified Forensic Photographer in North Carolina. She is a member of NCIAI and Nikon Professional Services. Melissa has taught independent photography workshops since 2005 and is routinely sought by photography clubs as a presenter and contest judge.


Melissa was previously employed as an assistant photographer at Albion Associates, a commercial photography studio, in High Point, NC. She has also been employed as a Photo Lab Technician with Qualex, a subsidiary of Kodak, where she was responsible for the development and processing of negatives and photographs, tracking the workload and orders, mixing chemicals for the machine, and maintaining the machine.


Melissa completed internships at Viewpoint Studios, a commercial photography studio, in High Point, NC and at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Melissa has a Bachelor of Art Degree in Anthropology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and an Associate’s Degree in Photography with a concentration in Biomedical Photography from Randolph Community College in Asheboro, NC.



Product Chair - Digital CrimeScene

product chair - dcsKim Dowling, Photographer - Michigan State Police (MI)

Kim Dowling holds a Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University and an Associate in Applied Science from Lansing Community College in Photographic Imaging. She has worked for the Michigan State Police as the departmental Photographer since 2010, and is currently working under the Biometrics and Identification Division. Kim maintains the Digital Crime Scene Repository for MSP, all historical crime scene and department photographs. Aside from the repository, she also photographs portraits and events for MSP. She has been working as a freelance landscape and portrait photographer for over 12 years. Her photographs have appeared in local print media as well as nationally in publications such as American Police Beat, Law Officer, and The Knot magazines.


Product Chair: LiveScan Plus / Digital PhotoManager / Inmate Tracking

Andy Parker, Deputy Director - CCBI (NC)



Product Chair: NIST Manager Plus , Biometrics, Facial Recognition

Christopher Broxterman, Identification Supervisor - Hamilton CSO (OH)



Product Chair: Mobile ID

Amy Pearsall, Analyst - Michigan State Police (MI)